Learn more about how the Canadian Physicians’ Pension Plan works and how it can benefit doctors much more than traditional RRSP’s. We’ve included videos, slide shows and articles to help educate and show how this can help doctors retire wealthier than they thought.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

With Integrated Wealth & Estate Planners Nick & Simon. Nick & Simon will help you understand intergenerational wealth transfer and bridging the gap from one generation to the next, including the challenges and opportunities of wealth transfer.

Protecting oneself from TOPI & P.I.G

Protecting oneself from the Passive Income Grind under the Tax On Passive Income. Join JP Laporte as he goes over classic tax planning for medical doctors, including: P.I.G. protection & explanation better tax planning tax on passive income how CPPP can help plus...

Use of Insurance: From Risk to Wealth

Use of Insurance: From Risk to Wealth with Andrea Leet, Advanced Case Consultant, Life Insurance. Join Andrea as she shows you the market, process, solution overview, strategies, leveraging and even a little parting gift she has. During this slideshow she will also go...