Meet The Team

The Canadian Physicians’ Pension Plan has been created by physicians for physicians. The plan is overseen by an Advisory Board of Physicians selected from a wide variety of specialties across Canada.

As physicians ourselves, we understand:

  • The financial challenges and stress of financial uncertainty
  • Lack of financial security and safety net
  • Lack of initiative by government and medical associations
  • The Exchange of life energy for income
  • The “merry-go-round”/hamster treadmill phenomenon
  • FIRE  “Financially Independent and Recreational Employment”


Dr. Vu Kiet Tran

Dr. Vu Kiet Tran, MD, MHSc, MBA, CHE, ICD.D

As President of the Canadian Physicians’ Pension Plan and emergency and family medicine physician in the Greater Toronto area, Dr. Tran has over 20 years of clinical experience. He proclaims to be an extreme lifelong learner and an avid entrepreneur with a tremendous desire to better the quality of work and life of his colleagues. He holds a Master in Health Sciences (focus in Education) and a Master in Business Administration. He also holds the designation of Certified Health Executive (CHE) and ICD.D from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Tran owns and operates medical clinics. He is a healthcare consultant for numerous healthcare companies in Canada. He is the founder and host of “How is my financial health, doc?”, a popular podcast that has the sole aim of improving financial literacy among his peers. It goes without saying that his biggest pride is the creation of a pension plan for independent healthcare professionals in Canada.

Retire Earlier with More Money

Physician Advisors

Dr. Dimitre Ranev MD

Dr. Dimitre Ranev MD,BSC, CFPC

Dr. Ranev is a family physician practicing in Ottawa and Gatineau, as well as a Faculty Lecturer at McGill University. He is co-host of the Primary Medicine Podcast and the Physician Empowerment Podcast. Dr. Ranev is also a passionate instructor who has been teaching doctors finance both virtually and in-person for over six years. He strongly believes that financial independence is a key factor in having a happy and fulfilling medical career.

Dr. Steve Lin MD

Dr. Steve Lin MD, MSc, FRCPC

Dr. Lin is an emergency physician practicing in Toronto and an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. He has over a decade of clinical experience in academic and community hospitals and is an accomplished educator and researcher. Dr. Lin is a strong advocate for financial independence, not only for healthcare professionals but for all professionals.

Norman Houle, CPA

Norman Houle, CPA

Mr. Houle is a Certified Public Accountant and tax specialist with over 30 years of experience in leading private and publicly held companies in senior management and controllership positions. Mr. Houle has experience in a variety of industries such as information technology, aviation, office furniture, and construction. He enjoys providing comprehensive financial and tax planning advice to his clients and is motivated to be part of a dynamic team committed to excellence in providing tax and accounting services.

Bernard Gregoire

Bernard Grégoire

Mr. Grégoire is a bilingual Engineer from Montreal’s École Polytechnique and an MBA graduate from McGill. He has broad experience in Manufacturing and Infrastructure building and has recently completed his ICD.D credential at Rotman School of Business. Mr. Grégoire brings his experience as COO of companies in Canada and the US, as well as his 10+ years on the Group Retirement Committee for the DC RRSP of his former employer. In this role, he worked with specialists from Aon PLC and Willis Towers Watson to make decisions on the proper funds to offer to the membership.

Dr. Rober Sen

Dr. Roger Sen, BSc MD CCFP m-MBA

Dr. Sen is a family physician and the founder of Eagles Landing Medical Centre in Maple, Ontario. He graduated from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine in 1992 and worked at North York General Hospital for 8 years before transitioning to family medicine in 2000.  Dr. Sen was elected to represent the interests of doctors from central Ontario and the Section on General and Family Practice at the Ontario Medical Association. He is passionate about economic healthcare transformation and has been actively managing his own investments, studying worldwide macroeconomic trends, and completing the OMA Leadership program, and Physician’s mini MBA at Schulich-York University.

Dr. Mike Long

Dr. Mike Long BSc, MD, CFPC

Dr. Long is a family physician and the founder of Aurora Family Health Clinic and Mountdale Medical Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He is an Assistant Professor at NOSM University, with a special interest in mentoring residents and physicians on various finance topics. Dr. Long is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for small business and real estate ventures.